Introduction to the Sectors

You can see an overview of all the sectors covered at the Careers Show which will remain on the site and allow you to reseach your career throughout the year. Take a few minutes to explore who will be at the show and then work through the information on each organisation in the respective sectors.

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This zone covers a range of exciting career opportunities in one of Guernsey’s largest industries. Included in the zone are the skilled Craft trades, technical, supervisory and management jobs. You can get advice on the structure of Craft training from the Apprenticeship Scheme stand and find out about becoming a Chartered Surveyor from the RICS.

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Engineering & Technology

The Engineering & Technology zone covers a wide range of careers and courses including the design, production and maintenance of everything from aeroplanes, cars, IT and telecoms to manufacturing machinery. You will also be able to find out about training and employment opportunities in these areas.

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Financial Services & Law

The Guernsey financial services industry is huge and vital to our economy. There are jobs at all levels but most will require professional study or a degree. It combines many different disciplines from administration to human resources to accountancy. There are a number of career opportunities in law including areas of work for those who have not studied Law but have an interest in working in the industry.

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Armed Forces

The Armed Forces includes the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Marines and the Royal Air Force (RAF). There are many opportunities in each of the Forces for young people from the age of 16 right through to early 30's although there are upper age limits that vary across the Forces and for different jobs.

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Learning and Skills Development

It is never too early (or too late) to start thinking about the future and to find out what Learning and Skills Development could do for you. You can find out how to improve your basic skills. For those wanting to learn while they earn, there is information about work based and professional qualifications that you can gain locally at many different levels.

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Leisure, Tourism, Hospitality

Some of these jobs are about helping people make the most of their spare time: others involve making a career out of something you love doing, such as travelling or providing a service to the public. Work in this area can involve unsociable hours; evenings, late nights and weekends are the peak times for customers wanting to use such facilities or services.

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Creative Industries & Media

Did you know that Guernsey has over 150 creative businesses? It’s a sign of the strength and vitality of the island’s culture and it’s a resource we should be proud of. If you have a talent in the arts, or are interested in the arts, then the fast growing Creative Industries sector could offer you a job which will develop that talent and interest, and provide you with a great career. In Guernsey, there are a range of careers in Media including TV, Film, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine Journalism, Advertising, Website and Multimedia, Public Relations and Social Media.

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Caring Professions

Working in a caring environment appeals to people who gain satisfaction from helping others-this could be within social or health care and will involve working with people or animals. There are opportunities at all levels in these areas, most of which require a minimum level of training by law. Check out other caring professions available through the Health and the Armed Forces stands.

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A day in the life of

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States of Guernsey

Public Administration and Services (States of Guernsey) affects all our lives as they provide a wide range of services to the community, and with that a huge variety of career opportunities. From airports to youth work, they employ people with expertise in many different fields and qualifications at various levels.

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Retail is now one of the most diverse and exciting industries in which you could make a career and there are far more opportunities than working on the shop floor. It is about product innovation, production, sourcing, distribution, display, selling... and more. As an environment that is constantly changing, it is suited to people who want to be active and who like to communicate with lots of different people.

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The Future of Work

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